Honda CB1000R

Gannet Design/Fuhrer Moto, winners of the custom bike competition by Honda:

Built in house by Gannet Design and Fuhrer Moto
Honda CB1000R – Cafe Fighter – 998cc model 2018. Custom conversion of a CB1000R into a camouflage bullet – R-adical

This motorcycle is the winner of the Honda Switzerland’s custom CB1000R competition, and was presented at the 2019 Swiss Moto Show in Zurich.

Our aim was to produce a completely new appearance mainly by changing the proportions and handlebar position, while leaving the basic components untouched to show the extensive possibilities for this model’s customization.
The contemporary camouflage graphics on the tank and the paneling was created by precise painting work and was gradually built up in 7 layers.
Through the special collaboration with 422 Corse, this bike has been fitted with high-performance carbon fiber rims from Rotobox, as well as a carbon fork from CeraCarbon. The altered proportions, along with the modern graphics and ultra high-tech carbon parts, give this Honda R-adical an incomparably aggressive fast forward attitude.

Design development:

Making of video:

video by Tim Röthlisberger